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Transportation sector

In recent years, the transportation industry has benefited from the excellent restoration of the urban bus implemented by the government, so the development of the national logistics system has been a decisive factor for the competitiveness of the economy. This networks improvement and their management in a coordinated way,
have contributed significantly to the increase of competitiveness and territorial cohesion.

Moreover, the importance of innovation and technology has allowed to develop improved levels of productivity and economic growth in enterprises, involving a multitude of variables and actors with very different strategies and placements.

Given the current economic conditions, companies in this sector face a big challenge: achieving increased revenue and customer satisfaction while reducing costs.
This task is made possible by an extraordinary business organization and a focus on the end customer.

For this it is necessary to adopt a consciousness-based management systems and modern management indicators with the ability to meet new challenges information systems become thus essential to enable key decision makers to gather and analyze data updated, and the process of modernization crucial to provide companies with advanced systems, especially in these companies in the transportation sector.

Local Software considers that one of the main goals of the sector should be focusing on rapid modernization of enterprises and enable its resources through the construction of information systems that are able to contribute to the speed and quality with which they analyze data and make decisions. Use and materialize the necessary information through these systems is to contribute to better management of a modern and efficient, introducing the current environmental concerns.



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