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TEIA - Angola

We push our internationalization

Mindful of the international expansion of the Local Software, and new market opportunities, particularly in Africa, the direction of the company bet on the company's presence in the Angolan market. After a trial period, the company initiates approximations in this market in 2009 and using some trading partners, undertook a process of business expansion, which TEIA was born, 100% owned by the Local Software.

Thus, TEIA, Ltd. was born in 2010 in Angola, and is a company founded with the goal of implementing systems software created by Local Software, but in the international market.

During these two years of existence, and with a current portfolio of over 20 clients <a href="/content/clientes"> </ a> reference, TEIA grew as a result of the consolidation of skills developed in consultancy and solutions implementations. Initially the most important activity was directed to the transport and logistics sector, where stands the renowned TOPTrans and later for the Construction sector, with TOPfrota, in all cases presenting solutions for their management and jointly providing Consulting, Training and Maintenance.

These solutions will result from development activities carried out by the team of R & D and the Local Software <a href="/content/gsm"> GSM </ a>, a Mozambican law company, owned by 98% Local Software.


  • Transport: general cargo, fuel, stores, bulk distribution, among other
    Product: TOPtrans
  • Fleets: Construction, technical assistance, distributors, firedepartments and business fleets. TOPfrota is an application developed for the Web environment.
    Product: TOPfrota
  • Warehouses: storage, handling, preparation, shipping, distribution, etc.
    Product: TOPlog
  • Car workshops: Both commercial and in-house
    Product: TOPgarage 
  • Clinics: Query and marking exams

     Product: TOPconsul

  • Corporate TV: for information management and marketing
    Product: GlobalTV 

Given the growth rates of Public Works on the African continent, especially in Angola and Mozambique, the development team of R & D Local Software moved to Luanda and Maputo, to be more aware and cognizant of the reality of the African market, especially in the market of Construction and Public Works, which is the biggest target product TOPfrota.


The team TEIA - Tecnologias de Informação de Angola  is composed of highly experienced staff.
Its senior directors coming from LocalSoftware, Portugal where they acquired high experience over the past years
(some have more than a decade of experience in Portugal and about four years on the market of Angola).
Our strategy includes consolidating a team of local professionals, training locals on the best practices in the Consulting and Software Inplementação management.
The permanent presence of Technical Staff with extensive experience in the fields of action is a guarantee of customer support with the required quality.

Customers in Angola

    • AJS - Luanda
    • Auto Pinto Sobrinho- Luanda
    • AutoRamaia - Luanda
    • Cargo Transportes - Luanda
    • Coca-Coca Bottling - Luanda
    • CSR - Luanda
    • Dino Transportes - Lobito
    • Kulalame Transportes - Luanda
    • Labuta Transportes - Luanda
    • Manuportos - Luanda
    • LTI - Luanda
    • OILTS - Luanda
    • Transparques - Luanda
    • Prometeus - Luanda
    • Fundo Social dos Trabalhadores das Finanças - Luanda
    • MCA Vias - Huambo
    • OPP - Construções - Luanda
    • Prefangol - Luanda
    • RodaFrik - Luanda
    • Soklinker - Luanda
    • TransDis - Luanda
    • TransLider – Luanda
    • Transiberia – Lobito
    • Unicar – Luanda
    • Cooperativa de Habitação O Nosso Zimbo - Luanda
    • Grupo Mandrove - Luanda
    • Ecomaiala - Luanda
    • L&L Engenharia - Luanda


TEIA - Tecnologias de Informação de Angola

Condomínio Ginga Isabel,
Rua dos Jatobás, Nº 24
Camama – Luanda


Tel. +244 925 221 013
Tel. +244 925 220 869


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