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We compete to innovate.

The best management of your company depends on the tools used by it. Invest in good business solutions requiring designing the best products to ensure their effectiveness. At Local Software we know how much the new technologies shows the success of your organization. Modernize its management system in order to obtain better results. We know that our solutions provide a new reality for your business and for that lend our knowledge and we assert our qualification. We walked daily to the solutions, leading market sectors in Portugal.

Transportation management

Monetize your business, learn about the life of your business. We traveled together to achieve the best management solutions.
Accelerate innovation and lead by experience. Monitor the activity of your company is to ensure the effectiveness of your business. Control the lives of their vehicles, ensuring greater security for its decision.

Application: Top Trans

Warehouse management logistics multi-client

We implement management solutions organizational control, taking advantage of the gains of the logistics of your business. With TopLog, waste control, administer the benefit.

Application: Top Log


Maximize production, organize your business. Monitor the activity of your business involves managing own gains. Build in security, monetize effectively.

Application: Top Log

Fleet Management, concessions and leases

Follow the management of your company's day-to-day, with better structuring of their transport. The fleet management involves decisions supported the best information base. Broadened the skills to achieve full computerization and monitoring of their services.

Application: Top Frota

Management automobile mechanic workshops

The control and planning activity are critical in managing their workshop. With solutions directed to this sector, ensure the rational management of the interventions of the workshops. We improved interventions and elevate customer satisfaction. Drive your business with the tools structural, we guarantee productivity for the organization.

Application: Top Garage

Medical clinics, tests and analyzes management - Health

Your well-being depends on our performance. With TopConsul, manage solutions to promote greater speed and speed management processes and clinical hospital.
The health of your company is our best medicine!

Application: Top Consul

Software for public attendance zones

Maximize your image and boost your business. With solutions directed to the content management space and public attendance, this integrated system for creating and managing digital content in a creative and appealing. The greater interactivity in communication with their customers imposes a greater impact on your business results.


Global TV – Gestão de espaços publicitários
Global TV – Gestão de Espera

Digital tachographs

Monitor the activity of your vehicles means manage own gains. With digital tachographs, control the lives of their vehicles, give more security to your business.

Application: TIS OFFICE



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