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Quality Certification

It is with pride and satisfaction that we announce that Localsoftware, SA is since last December 13, certified under the Quality Standard NP EN ISO 9001:2008, the activities: Design, Analysis, Development, Marketing, Implementation Support and Information Systems.

Throughout the year, our company has made a great effort and investment (human and financial) in improving their organizational processes, both in its delegations in Portugal, as in branches of Angola and Mozambique, where it operates under the same rules and principles .

This process of Implementation and Certification of a set of operating rules, does not end with getting the certificate of quality, but rather starts now and will always keep it dynamic towards its improvement and adaptation in space and time.

For this to happen, we will consider that whenever appropriate, participate by making suggestions for improvement.

The Localsoftware exists, in partnership, to help each of its clients to improve their management information. This will only be possible if we work together, sharing experiences that help in the success of this partnership we want lasting.

We have a year 2012 at least as strong in the bonds that unite us as partners, as can be guessed in hard economic terms, given the world situation at the time. We believe that together, we will get further and stronger!



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