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Logistics and distribution

Considering the logistics as the management of all activities that facilitate the movement and coordination of supplies and demands, given constraints of time and space, it has been constituted, in Portugal, a sector of great economic importance, not only because it ensures an essential intermediary between producers and consumers, but because it allows the company to choose the means of distribution best suited to the development of sales of a particular product range.

In this context, this sector is closely linked to technological innovation, information technology and new technologies of information and has been much discussed in recent years the evolution of the distribution and its structures due to the introduction of new information technologies and the impact they cause the redistribution of power between producers, distributors and consumers.

Companies in this sector feel - in order to strengthen their competitiveness - the need to set objective goals: conquering new markets or maintaining existing ones.
These goals involve providing a level of service equal to or superior to the competition, so it requires companies to create solutions in terms of product availability,
order processing time and delivery time, to accelerate the competitiveness.

Local Software considers that information systems are management tools which allows to produce automated and manual procedures commonly performed in the company, ensuring quality of information that implements a maintenance activity and organization of the accumulated historical information generated intangible the company's activity.



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