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Health area

In recent years, Portugal has witnessed a qualitative and quantitative evolution of services in the health sector, either by increased measures and reforms carried out by the government or by the appearance, in the private sector, of several hospitals, as well as the operationalization of Partnerships Public-Private long planned.
In this context, and given the level of existing competition, the health sector has to focus on the customer satisfaction, loyalty and thus on an increasing competitiveness.

The State organizational model and management inadequacy, as shareholder, regulatory and payer, concentrating many responsibilities into one organization,
means that it is difficult to ensure optimum performance in all of its functions.

Profiting from these "weaknesses", Local Software directed their attention to implementing an organizational management in the field of imaging, focusing so far in clinical radiology, to implement management systems exams, marking and control, allowing better service and response to the needs of the user.

Given the increasing competition and consumers increasing demand, the current management activity in these areas through application of technology solutions management, become indispensable, thereby promoting increased productivity and dynamism.



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