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GSM – Global Solutions Mozambique, Lda.

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GLOBAL SOLUTIONS MOZAMBIQUE Ltd., was the second company to be established in the African market, this time in Mozambique. Its creation was the result of a trial in 2009, where contacts were developed through business partners, customers and enough relevant to justify its creation. Founded in 2010, its main field - like other companies in the group - was the Transport and Logistics sector through the implementation of integrated management software applications in the sectors of Transport and Logistics, Healthcare, Business Management, Public Services and Information Technology.

These solutions are a result of their development activities conducted locally by its R & D team as well as the R & D team of LocalSoftware. GSM is owned 98% by the Local Software, and the remaining 2% belong to two Portuguese consultants living in Mozambique.

Mindful of the economic climate, and once the African economy is in imminent expansion, with high potential, determined by high growth rates constant and accelerated, GSM intends to serve as a platform for this market approach to adjacent markets, is expected, now, investment in R & D activities, with the goal of developing new products and new features and linguistic and cultural markets to target.

GSM - Global Solutions Mozambique team

The team GSM - Global Solutions Mozambique is comprised of highly experienced staff. Its senior directors LocalSoftware coming from Portugal where high experience acquired over the past years (some have over a decade of experience and the Local Software about 4 years on the market of Mozambique). The strategy involves GSM consolidate a team of local professionals, training them under the best practices in Software Consulting and Implementation Management. The permanent presence of Technical Staff with extensive experience in the areas of operation of GSM is a guarantee of customer support with the required quality.

GSM markets

Despite the experience and skills acquired via Local Software, which enable the GSM accelerated expansion of operations and business areas, particularly for the sectors of Business Management, Care and Public Services Information Technology, its most important activity is directed to the transport and logistics sector, where stands the renowned TOPTrans.

The GSM solutions are focused on the management of:

  • Transport: general cargo, fuel, stores, bulk distribution, among other
          Product: TOPtrans
  • Fleets: Construction, technical assistance, distributors, firefighters and business fleets. The TOPfrota is an application developed for the Web environment
          Product: TOPfrota
  • Warehouses: storage, handling, preparation, shipping, distribution, etc.
          Product: TOPlog
  • Car workshops: Both commercial and in-house
          Product: TOPgarage 
  • Clínicas: marcação de Consultas e exames;
          Product: TOPconsul
  • Corporate TV: for information management and marketing
          Product: GlobalTV 

Customers GSM Mozambique

  • Altrans - Maputo
  • Azamoc - Maputo
  • Calumias - Maputo
  • Cotam - Beira
  • Helalgy Transportes -Maputo
  • Ikamiji Freight - Maputo
  • Servitrade - Maputo
  • Strac - Beira
  • Super Steel - Maputo
  • Transportadora Leão - Maputo
  • Transportes Carlos Mesquita - TCM - Beira
  • Transportes Godiba - Beira
  • Transportes LalGy - Maputo
  • TTI – Maputo
  • Vic Trans – Nacala
  • Zaara Transportes - Maputo
  • Unicar – Beira
  • PA Auto Solutions – Nampula
  • Tecnocar – Tete
  • Tecnotintas – Tete
  • Transaly – Maputo
  • Sermoz – Beira
  • HPM – Hospital Privado de Maputo


GSM - Global Solutions Mozambique

Av. Alberto Massavanhane, 1046 R/C


Tel: + 258 842 701 410
Tel: + 258 820 734 098
Tel: + 258 842 625 651


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