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Fleet management for in-house or external leases

We manage your fleets, we organize your company

TopFrota - Fleet Management

Topfrota is an "web" application that can be used anywhere.

It manages fleets for:

  • Hire equipment companies
  • Companies with large fleets of any kind of equipments and for any purpose (construction and public works, large corporations, etc.)
  • Container parks management companies
  • Commercial workshops

Major funcionalities:

  • Records material resources (machines, equipment, containers, etc.), including technical data, property, financial and administrative
  • Technical information fully configurable to any situation and any equipment type
  • Operational information including the operating status of equipment, preventive maintenance plans, fuel supplies; other operational aspects can be included by request
  • Rentals internal or external equipment and skilled labor
  • Several types of management costs and income on rentals
  • Graphical interface for managing and positioning of entrances and exits of containers in park
  • In-house or commercial workshops worksheets predicting maintenance and repair times, with of parts and materials stock control and use of manpower
  • Integrated billing
  • ERP's connection



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