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Fleet management

The fleet sector has been regarded in recent years as an important sector which contributes to the high levels of competition between firms. This situation is mainly due to the emergence of numerous technological solutions developed specifically for the management of vehicles, which have allowed implement organizational management practices extremely relevant for companies, and that means controlling spending as the control of kilometers, spending fuel and historical locations and routes.

The current scenario of economic crisis requires new management solutions to dynamic companies, enabling them to think on old business models and bet on more effective management systems. The answer lies mainly by adoption of innovative solutions in fleet area, tending to a real level of interactivity to its management process, including through the development of services using mobile technologies.

Local Software has been focusing increasingly on this area, considering it as pivotal in boosting the economy through the implementation of effective solutions to simplify tasks and reduce costs through thorough checks of all types of expenditure (operating costs, maintenance costs and hazard costs).




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