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Construction and public works

The construction industry in Portugal, as so to what happens in other countries, has a significant importance in the national economy. This sector is highly differentiated from other sectors of activity, both in terms of production and in terms of the labor market, the complexity of actors and processes surrounding. The search led to this branch depends directly on the degree of development of the economy, the economic environment and stage of investment in other sectors. We are therefore in an activity tends pro cyclical, where expansion is more marked that the global economy in positive phases of the cycle and deepest recessions in negative periods, and, therefore, its dynamics are often considered a leading indicator of the economy as an all.

The economic climate that currently lives in the country, mainly resulting from the implementation of the euro and the corresponding reduction of the public debt, the devaluation of that currency and rising oil prices have created constraints that have led to tighter budgetary control, reducing the availability of funds for construction, particularly for civil engineering and leading to lower growth in the sector, which strongly influence the evolution of the construction sector.

Given this reality, it is crucial that companies adopt  urgent organization measures, taking into account the use of the most appropriate means and instruments that can respond effectively to new market demands and to cope with increasing competition.

To this end, Local Software develops information systems that allows these companies to organize themselves and be able to respond more effectively to market needs through the implementation of fleet management solutions and compromises rentals.




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