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About Us

The vision that boosts your management

At Local Software, the competitiveness of your business is our mission. What makes us go further and give life to ideas to grow. We plan, create, innovate and act. Thinking a perspective of integrated solutions, we implement the best management tools for achieving efficient results that project your business. Our limit is the success of your company, and we open new horizons for better management.

Local Software is a consulting and management support company, especially consolidated in the markets of Transportation Management, Logistics and Distribution, and a leader in its sector of activity, and is focused on a vision of partnership and joint efforts of meeting around a integrated strategy.

Based near Lisbon, its intervention area extends not only to the domestic market but also internationally, currently a presence in Angola and Mozambique. Since its inception in 1993, the Local Software distinguishes itself as a prestigious and renown by its line of business, not only by providing consulting, but also for designing, creating and developing products and services that meet the specific needs its more than 500 clients.

Its objectives relate mainly to the continued implementation of the quality and modernization, and monitoring of the contemporary needs of the various sectors that determine its range of services.

These objectives lead Local Software to a strong focus on Research and Development in order to be able to assure customers the best solution for your requests.

With the launch of this new site, Local Software intends to keep all stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees) informed on the most relevant aspects of business activity and simultaneously collect suggestions to improve the quality of services. The launch of this new website is therefore another key advance of this aspiration.



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